Professional Services / Contractors

At Broadway Park we have always endeavoured to provide safe, qualified and professional service for our Agisters. We hold ourselves to this standard with up to date coaching qualifications, accreditations, first aid, WWC and insurance for coaching / training and Agistment. We intend to maintain this level of safety and professionalism with all horse services and people involved in working at our property.

How does this effect you?
Firstly no horses will be treated or worked on without the owner or a Broadway Park representative present. In other words if your horse is getting a massage / dentist / trim etc and you can't be there you'll need to phone a friend or use our catch/hold/return service.
Secondly all people providing a service at BPE must have a suitable level of expertise ( accreditation / qualification) , MUST provide a copy of their insurance ( at a minimum Public Liability ) and must complete our Induction Course.

We hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone but let's face it, why would you use an unqualified, unprofessional person to treat your horse? Thank you for being a client of Broadway Park, and supporting us to lift the quality of safety and service in the Equestrian Industry.

Professional Services.
The following are the only persons currently allowed to work with horses at Broadway Park.

Farriers & Trimmers
Rachael Kane 0423 671 581
Ajay Roberts 0409 183 982
David Martin 0427 358 952

Barefoot Trim
Monica Garstang 0430 046 993

James Harvey 0433 701 304
David Martin 0427 358 952
Mark Burnell
Doug Walters

Physio / Chiro
Kate Sagar 0412 563 597
Mark Curtis 0418 349 840
Noel Cunningham 0417 532 543

Sue Martin 0427 674 004
Sam Barton 0413 213 978

Denise Poppins 0400 655 197

Adding to the list...If you want your preferred treater to practice their business at Broadway Park please allow time for us to add them to our list - don't just ask the day before they are due to work!