Frequently asked questions

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We no longer have shared paddocks for agisters.

Yes. Please refer to the Pricing Page for casual rates.

No. But we appreciate you letting us know if you intend to have a seasonal stay (e.g. over Winter) so that we can let people on our waiting list know.

No. We ask that agisters keep their valuable items such as saddles at home.  There is no on-site secure storage for agister use. Please note however, that all agisters are allocated an area in the feed shed for storage of their horse's food.

Before service providers can work on the property they must have provided a full copy of their insurance cover to Dianne in advance of their visit.  Broadway Park does not allow service providers who do not meet the necessary level of insurance to work on the property.  We do our best to accommodate the needs of every agister and are happy to discuss the insurance requirements in detail.  A full list of pre-approved service providers is available here.

You may be able to have other people can ride your horse at Broadway Park by prior arrangement with Dianne.  Additional paperwork applies and there are mandatory waiver documents that must be completed.  In circumstances where we feel the welfare of the horse or rider is at risk we will ask that riders not named on your agistment agreement do not ride your horse.