Ready, Set, Trot

Broadway Park is proud to be a foundation provider of EFA's "Ready, Set, Trot" program.

Ready, Set, Trot takes riding lessons to the next level by introducing a formal framework for tuition.  There are documented goals and outcomes for each level, ensuring children receive quality education.

Ready Set Trot introduces young people to the world of horses, teaching them fundamental horse skills within a safe setting while also focusing on core values such as responsibility, communication, respect, empathy and team work. The carefully structured program is also very affordable and is a much more cost effective alternative to owning a pony.

Broadway Park is a wonderful venue for children to be involved in Ready, Set, Trot.  Not only are they instructed by EFA qualified coach Dianne Lucas, but they are instructed with the quality facilities that Broadway Park has to offer.  If the weekend forecast is for rain, it doesn't matter with an indoor arena and undercover tie to keep both ponies and their riders out of the weather.  Plus, Broadway Park's school ponies are famous for their gentle natures. From TV commercials to indoor shopping centre promotions - they've seen and done it!

The video below helps explain a little more about the Ready, Set, Trot program




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