Indoor arena

The indoor arena at Broadway Park takes pride of place on the property and is located within convenient proximity to the undercover horse tie.  It is protected from the wind and weather, with full lighting for night time use.

The arena has been professionally surfaced, providing a top class experience for horses and riders.

A selection of cavaletti jumps and poles is available for agister use, as well as a mounting block and radio system.   

Quick guide:

    Full Sized Riding Arena 60 x 20 meters

    Built in 2013

    Full Covered Roof and one long side fully covered with one short side connected to the stables

    Has Insulation in the roof to keep it cool during summer

    Has clay then crushed rock and then they have a fiber blanket that stops anything coming thru to the surface.

    The surface is washed river sand and hard wood chips mixed.

    The walls are on an angle to avoid your legs/knee getting crushed

    Has Dressage Letters

    The arena also has a Radio/Ipod/Usb with speakers installed in it.