Property rules

Here is a general overview of the key conditions of entry at Broadway Park that all visitors must adhere to.  They are designed to make the property a safe and happy place for both people and horses and we trust that people can understand the need for a general set of rules.  Agisters have more detailed conditions set out in their agistment contract, which address the different scenarios an agister is likely to encounter.

  1. No inspections of the property without prior appointment and agreement with Dianne. 
  2. Broadway Park is a smoke free property.
  3. We do not provide rubbish bins. Please carry out any rubbish that you may have. The bins near the undercover tie and arenas are for manure only.
  4. No visitors are allowed to bring dogs onto the property.  Even keeping them in the car can upset our barn cat and resident dogs Cougar and Buckley.  For everybody's peace of mind and safety, we kindly request no dogs.
  5. Horse manure must be cleaned up from Broadway Park's round yard, arenas and tie up areas asap.  Scoops and manure bins are provided within convenient proximity to all facilities.
  6. No children are to be left unsupervised at Broadway Park.
  7. Do not leave valuables in unlocked cars. 
  8. And lastly, if you're unsure of anything please ask Dianne.